Hollingshead, Josh – Unity Day

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Phosphorescent acrylic on a black primed canvas by Josh Hollingshead. 2010-2011.

Dimensions: 2.2m x 1.4m.

'"Unity Day" Moscow shows how the Russian national Unity Day has been hijacked by nationalistic neo Nazi thugs in their "uniform" of camouflage and turn-up trousers. A Jewish man slips past unnoticed, as a black newspaper seller is strangled and spat on. An old man who defected to the Germans in WW2 shouts at a mass of nationalists ... Passersby are pretending not to see this commotion, and people just watch from nearby cafes wine lounges and jazz bars...Even the riot squads stand motionless outside their black Mariah. A single casino security guard has involved himself in a dispute ...The phosphorescent acrylic paint glows in the dark, with the rain lit in the strident red of the road lights this emphasises the danger of the situation', Josh Hollingshead.

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