Meet Our Team

At Primavera we are fortunate to have a highly talented, efficient and lively team who are happy to help with any enquiries you may have regarding any of the items we have for sale. They can also provide information on exhibitions and any current work on display by contemporary artists in jewellery, textiles, ceramics, glass, paintings, furniture and sculpture.


Meet Our Team

Jeremy Waller


Jeremy is a designer, artist and maker. Inspired to help British artists through promotion and financing, he takes pride in offering the public the opportunity every day of exploring a wonderful traditional gallery over three floors, finding and displaying more than 8,000 items of exceptional British jewellery, art and craft in a unique and historical setting.

Meet Our Team

Sheila Waller



Sheila Waller is a linguist and editor who ran a successful translation company for many years. The editing, proofreading and IT skills she has honed over the years are put to good use in assisting with the Primavera website, marketing and editorials.


Michael Brown

Gallery Manager Designate


Michael is a filmmaker from Buckinghamshire. After having worked and studied in Cornwall, Michael used his time during the pandemic to relocate to Cambridge. He proudly brings his unique perspective to Primavera. 

Daisy Stockwell

Curator and Jewellery Coordinator 

Daisy studied her undergraduate at the University of Warwick and has a First Class master's degree from Exeter. Daisy is a writer with a background in philosophy. 

Lesley Barker

Gallery Assistant


Lesley brings a vast experience of retail and life to the gallery. Lesley has been long established at the gallery and provides decades of knowledge.

Mei Gao



Mei has been a valued member of the team since 2018 and offers unparalleled support.

Inga Diener

Gallery Assistant and Consultant


Inga has been a potter for 25 years and works at the gallery as well as volunteering at a cat rehoming centre one day per week. She brings a range of experience to the gallery which is highly valued.