Tony Laverick ceramic art at Primavera

Tony Laverick ceramic art at Primavera

Cambridge is renowned for many things - its university, its rich history, as well as the range of places to see and things to do. Amongst these activities, contemporary art is a feature that Primavera brings to the public, enabling visitors, both local and international to not just view the collections of both established and new artists, but to also feel and touch the pieces on offer via our extensive and growing range of artists.

This month we are celebrating the work of Tony Laverick, who creates unique, beautiful ceramic work with incredible finishes (as seen below). We are exhibiting more than 25 amazing pieces in our main gallery on King's Parade in Cambridge until March 31st.

Tony Laverick Vessel

Tony's work has been in development since he started making and is inspired by early 20th Century sculptural art. Form is the main priority for Tony with the surface decoration emphasising that form. The pieces are mostly hand-built; it is this process and the materials used that make the intriguing surfaces which, whilst looking rough are, in fact, very smooth and tactile.Tony’s work constantly evolves but the handsome form remains.

From the rim, neck, shoulder, belly, to the foot of the pot, there is always harmony and balance. There is playfulness in his work with shapes jumping out and receding; but above all, he strives to achieve pure beauty in each finished piece.

The exhibition of Tony's work runs throughout March in our upstairs gallery at 10 King's Parade, Cambridge.


Every month, we feature a different artist in our appreciation for what they do, such as Josh Hollingshead, who's work is shown below. As with all our artists, the work really needs to be seen in person to be able to appreciate the qualities that make them so special.

Josh Hollingshead "Human train"

Primavera is renowned for an impressive range of jewellery in a wide variety of styles - all hand-made by UK-based makers. Unique pieces from artists such as Disa Allsopp (shown below) are available in our King's Parade gallery or from our online shop.

Gold Aquamarine RingGold Garnet Ring

We hope you can come and visit us at King's Parade in Cambridge to see these pieces for yourself, but if you can't make it, then we are always adding work to our online shop, where you can also sign up to our email list to receive a regular newsletter with features, offers and details of exhibitions and events.

All the best.

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