Yvette Cobley

Yvette Cobley is passionate about creating. She loves the way a block of clay can become a piece of art that is pleasing for years to come.

Originally from Warrington, Cheshire, Yvette now lives in Cambridgeshire. She is largely self-taught, but she attended classes at Somersham Pottery.

Yvette began producing works for family and friends over the years, but her commercial art career did not begin until around twelve years ago after raising a family.

She now focuses on hand building in ceramics, portraying animals and the human form in a unique style. After producing a work in clay, it is bisque fired to 1000 degrees Celsius over 15 hours. Then hand-finished in underglaze, with the eyes coated in clear glaze before being fired again to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Yvette has exhibited in the Ophelia Exhibition Art in the Heart Peterborough, the Atelier East Summer Exhibition (winning in 2014 with her mixed media chicken sculpture Free Range), and the Wisbech Gallery Open Exhibition (2023, ceramic/oak African spotted hyena head study).

Yvette inherited her creative ability from her mother - a keen painter - and draws inspiration from nature and the world around her.

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