Wendy Ramshaw

wendy ramshaw ringWe have 9 pieces of Wendy's work available in the gallery. Wendy Ramshaw had a studio in London for over 30 years; a modest establishment that was situated in Clerkenwell Green, London. She worked both in the field of Jewellery and of Public Art, working at small and large scale, in metres and millimetres. Despite the size difference, she regarded both of these activities as site specific.

wendy ramshaw gold ringBoth kinds of design undertaken relate to the human form but in different ways. Her large-scale work is situated in the UK whilst her jewellery has been exhibited and acquired throughout the world. Some pieces are included in museum and public collections, including the V&A; others are worn privately on an everyday basis. Most of her jewellery is made in parts or sections, so that the owner can share in the way the piece is worn, changing the order or number of pieces worn. Many pieces also come with their own hand made display stand.

wendy ramshaw jewelleryThe ever on going ring sets, which won an award “for innovation” from the Design Council in 1972, are a perfect example of this concept. Some pieces of her jewellery are easy and simple and some more complex. Because the work in the studio is always evolving, Wendy was curious to see the way new developments will resolve themselves. 

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