Tony Laverick

Tony Laverick works in hand thrown and slabbed porcelain which is decorated using precious metal lustres with multiple refirings. His pots are based on traditional forms. They have no specific meaning, but draw on many sources and cultures creating a juxtaposition of images in a loose manner. Tony is influenced by French potters, personal experiences and also 20th century artists such as Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian. 
Technique is a high priority and the skill has to be evident in each piece. From the rim, neck, shoulder, belly to the foot of the pot, there should be harmony and balance. There is a playfulness in his work with shapes jumping out and receding; seemingly flat shapes become dimensional. Above all, he strives to achieve pure beauty in each finished piece.
Tony's new work, his sculptural vessels, have been in development since he started making and have been inspired from the early 20th Century sculptural art. Form is the main priority for Tony with the surface decoration emphasising that form. This new work is an extension of that process. Using a specially developed body has allowed Tony to make thicker pieces which are mostly hand-built; it is this process and the materials used that make the intriguing surfaces which whilst looking rough are, in fact, very smooth and tactile.
Primavera has a wide collection of around 20 pieces of Tony's work.
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