Tony Gant

Tony Gant has been making his highly recognisable, glazed domestic stoneware since 1961, and has continued to work from his current studio in London since 1968. Visitors are welcome to visit the studio, to see Tony's work in various stages of progress. 

Tony's pieces are made at the pottery using Devon ball clays, which are used to create his own clay bodies. The glazes applied, which give the iconic blue, yellow, green and brown finishes, are made from basic raw materials. They are then fired in a gas kiln of Tony's own design, and cooled for two days. Tony is a fellow of the Craft Potters Association, which comes as no surprise, given the popularity of his work! The designs applied to his well balanced, taller vessels are simple, but evoke a sense of landscape and distance through the intersection of unglazed clay across the blue, yellow or brown glazes.


Primavera has a collection of more than a 100 pieces from Tony.

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