Tessa Doughty

Tessa Doughty is a CAD jewellery designer who uses her computer skills to explore her passion for pattern design and, in turn, jewellery. Having completed a BA in 3D design, Tessa is now pushing her  CAD design skills by using Matrix. Tessa also works with other materials and designs (for example she is familiar with ceramics, glass and product design), and this experience with other materials pushes her exploration of silver and gold– as used in her jewellery.

At Primavera, we hold a collection of Tessa’s ‘New Deco’ collection. This collection emerges from the entwining of artistic inspirations from Modernism and Art Deco, along with the very contemporary CAD mode of Tessa’s designs. Here, diamonds are set into graceful patterns which make for a cutting-edge, stylish and elegant evening accessory.

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