Tessa Fuchs

Tessa Fuchs, was born at Knutsford, Cheshire in 1936, daughter of Edgar Fuchs and his wife Marjorie née Twemlow, who married at Congleton, Cheshire in 1930. Tessa trained at Salford Technical Art School and the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London and set up a studio in London as an individual artist potter making sculptural pieces and some domestic ware in high-fired earthenware using colourful matt glazes. Her work is inspired by her interest in animals, plants, gardening, trees, and the human form, also in painting landscape and larger than life, brilliantly colourful portraits in oils, as well as potting. Particularly influenced by travels, which have included China, Mexico, Africa and India and her domestic-ware often depicts cartoon-ish animals, boldly outlined and with brightly coloured matte glazes, which emphasise the contrast between the drawings and the vessel itself. These animals occasionally recur between pieces, popping up in different positions. In 1973 she exhibited her works at the Craftsmen Potters Association, Marshall Street, London, in July 1978 at Boudicea, 19 Beauchamp Place, London, in 1992 at Bohun Gallery, Henley and elsewhere.