Susi Hines

Susi creates contemporary jewellery using traditional complex constructions, developing her own gold alloys to achieve subtle colour variations in her pieces. She combines these hand made structures with etched and patinated surfaces, different golds, silver, unusual diamonds and other gemstones. Gold and silver is either recycled or from fairtrade mines and the natural diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced.
The Mordicum Collection with its etched surfaces reflects her acute sense of transience and evolution in nature.  Movement is an integral part in many of her pieces and with her Mutabilis Collection rings which open up and have interchangeable centres, she has been awarded a unique design number at the Intellectual Property Office, (design number 4023230).
In the Folium Collection and Acini Collection Susi smelts gold alloys to achieve tiny shifts in colour from which she is able to ‘paint’ from a palette with metal. She uses this to hand build structures that articulate, creating visual rhythm, repeated motifs and moving forms.