Susanna Hanl

Susanna Hanl, who is based in Edinburgh, is a self-taught jeweller using art, nature and chance as her inspiration. Every piece is unique with many of them set with diamonds, pearls or unusual precious stones, and she enjoys the idea that each piece is unique, making it that much more special for the wearer. 

Susanna's works draw from many sources of inspiration, which lends itself to the fact that each work is different. From her hammered silver and gold hearts, to the silver and gold 'nuggets' which adorn her other works, no two pieces have the same design or style. Many choose her work as engagement or wedding rings for this particular reason. 

Perhaps her most distinctive design style is the 'misu' range. In this case, Susanna weaves together strands of silver and gold to create rings, pendants and earrings. These are then punctuated with precious stones, often in gloriously bright colours, to complete the eye catching design. 

We have 36 pieces of Susanna's work available in the gallery. 

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