Susan Showell-Westrip

Originally a Graphic/Commercial artist from the age of 17 and working at several different London studios for a variety of major national clients for over 20 years, Susan stopped working following the birth of her children. 

Later, Susan retrained as a Councillor and a tutor for 10 years, teaching counselling at local adult colleges and went on to run an NHS counselling service, where she lead a team of counselors from Hertfordshire GP surgeries.

Following an early retirement she has returned to revisit her artistic past. Currently enjoying experimenting with lino block and other media and influenced by black and white period colours creating an 'old worldly' (middles ages) look.

Then applying enamel paints over the lino prints to achieve a unique effect and texture, she uses a variety of medieval pallet colour combinations to create different outcomes. 

Additionally she uses her skills enjoying making quirky 3D objects including clocks, animals and bowls out of air-dry clay over a metal foil and/or wood frame applying vibrant colour schemes where she looks to create a jewel like quality in the finished items. 

Susan's influences include medieval wood cuts, medieval paintings, medieval colour schemes and Egyptian art.