Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison is a ceramic artist whose pots are created both to be seen and used. He trained for seven years, concluding at the Royal College of Art in 1993. Steve won the Queensbury Hunt Tableware award in 1991 and the Acme Malls award for work in the Victoria and Albert Museum Ceramics Contemporaries exhibition in 1996. He received a craft council award, which enabled him to set up his workshop in Enfield. He is a visiting lecturer in ceramics at Manchester and Kent Universities.

He draws his inspiration from the eighteenth century lathe-turned ceramics, which he applies to his work on the wheel. This gives his form a unique aesthetic quality in the world of modern ceramics. On his pottery wall he displays the reminder from William Leatherby that art which is only one person deep is no art at all; art that looks back as well as forward is where the challenge lies.

Steve sees his work as individually crafted pieces, which are unmistakably members of a single family. They can be collected and used in sets where the individual pieces have complimentary glazes and shapes. Their owners can enjoy the rich effects of Steve’s maturing salt kiln as well as of his searching and creative mind.

Primavera has a collection of around 15 individually styled pieces from Steve.

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