Selena Bragg

Selena Bragg Arrow HeadsInspired by stones that you find on the beach and the beauty of nature, Selena is driven to make her pebble shapes that are tactile and soothing to touch. She uses clay and alternative firing techniques to produce the unique range of colours and patterns. Each piece is handmade and is burnished to produce a smooth and shiny surface before being fired. Her small pebbles also contain beads of clay so that they have an individual sound, and are therefore very sensual, appealing to the senses of sight, touch and sound. 

She then uses different second firing techniques to produce the unique colours and patterns. Some work is put into a raku kiln, heated up and taken out whilst hot and horsehair or feathers are placed on the surface which leaves behind a silhouette pattern

 Another firing method is to place items into a pit layered with sawdust, then adding horse manure, seaweed, coffee grounds and other combustible materials, lighting a large bonfire and leaving it to burn for several hours. The flames are then smothered and left to smoulder for several more hours. This produces random flashes of deep pinks, purples, grey and black. These striking colours can be seen on her “Arrow Head” forms.

Selena BraggOther pieces are wrapped in leaves, copper wire, seaweed, hay and string that has been soaked in salts. They are then wrapped in tin foil pockets and fired again. This method produces the lovely landscape patterns and beautiful blues, pinks and oranges. After their second firing the pieces are cleaned and given a light coating of wax. They are for indoor use only.   

We have all of Selena's different designs (silhouetted feather, smoky, landscape and textural pink and orange) pebbles in small, medium and large sizes so do contact us if you would like photographs of these. Due to the nature of how they are made, each will vary in design and slightly in size.




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