Sarah Allbrook

Sarah Allbrook is a Cambridge artist specialising in oils, painting primarily 'en plein air'. She paints local scenes in and around Cambridge, from street scenes and city nocturnes, to rural Hertfordshire landscapes, and the Norfolk and Suffolk coast. 

Her oil sketches are an immediate response to the landscape, executed rapidly they are full of movement, colour and lively brushstrokes.

Sarah is inspired by the scene around her and strives to capture and to put down in paint the essence of the moment she is witnessing in a place, at different times of day and through the changing seasons. "I love the thrill of painting on location, reacting directly to the light, movement and atmosphere of a scene in a limited period of time. Observing a scene for several hours forces me to notice more, to focus, and be very present in each painting I am making."

She paint in oils for the creamy texture, consistency and variety of marks that can be made, from washes and thinly scraped back brushstrokes to thick impasto. 

Sarah studied for a degree in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, and has lived and painted in East Anglia since. 

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