Ruth Praill

Ruth Praill trained at Brighton Polytechnic gaining a BA Honours degree in 3 Dimensional Design specialising in metal and plastics from 1982 to 1985. She has exhibited all over Britain, and in Japan and the USA since 1992.

Ruth originally had a studio in London for many years but for the last 20 years has been working on the South Coast.

Her work mainly consists of jewellery and a little silverware. She uses a mix of sterling silver and gold together with semi-precious stones and shells. More recently she has also begun to use sea-glass and natural stones.

Ruth says "As I live by the sea it seems almost rude not to use all those beautiful pieces I find on the beach. My inspiration comes from anything and everything - the designing is my thing, the making process is for me the means to see the design become reality. I like to experiment with the materials and my tools, often finding new tools whose intended purpose was more likely than not jewellery. 

My work can be quite immediate, though I'm always trying to find the perfect shape and line. I very much like to play with colour and motifs and get quite excited when I find a new combo".

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