Robert Lenkiewicz

Artist Robert Lenkiewics (1941 – 2002) was born in North London. His parents fled to England from Germany just before the war started.

Robert worked with large-scale paintings related to sociological issues. Reoccurring themes of old age, suicide, homelessness and death often appear in his work illuminating the lives of those he called “the invisible people”. Robert also covered themes such as falling in love, jealousy, orgasm and obsessive attraction.

Such subjects made his paintings popular with the general public as it was refreshingly relatable to. Robert did not mask what he wanted to convey in his paintings, the portrayal of honest real life and non-conformity to what was socially acceptable gained a high level of respect from the public audience. His paintings connected directly with ordinary people. 

Now, Robert’s work is highly sought after as his paintings spoke the complete truth of that time, it allows us to visualise what life was like at that specific time and place in history. The works ability to communicate in a truthful manner and illuminate sensitive subjects is key to why Robert's work is so highly prized. Robert’s work will continue to thrive in the future and will always strike a topic of conversation.

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