Richard Windley

richard windley boxRichard started his making career in 1976 and soon became well known for his small intricate wooden boxes. Although over the following decades he diversified into automata, musical instruments and historical reconstruction for film and TV, Richard's boxes continued throughout that time to slowly evolve and develop. In recent times, from his studio in Hereford, Richard reverted to concentrate on his boxes, containers and vessels after giving up a part time position as a lecturer in 3D Design at degree level, held for some twenty years. 

Richard's boxes are made from a combination of solid timbers and more recently he incorporated rich natural materials such as Mother-of-Pearl and Paua shell. In addition, although many of the timbers used are 'exotic' Richard tried wherever possible to make use of recycled or salvaged wood, for example African blackwood from a French clarinet-maker.

Most of his medium sized boxes hold the unique wooden hinge which he developed many years ago and continues to be a distinctive feature of his work. All of his work is individually handmade, no jigs or modern production methods are used.

Sadly, we have recently learned from his family that Richard Windley has passed away.

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