Peter Newsome

Peter Newsome Glass WaveSince 1993 Peter Newsome PhD, ARBS has devoted virtually all of his energies to the creation of sculptures in glass, with works exhibited widely in the UK and in New York. Techniques Newsome has developed allow a range of commissions for celebrity and corporate clients that broaden this unique medium’s potential.Newsome employs the traditional skills of the glazier and glassworker to personally hand cut and shape component pieces of sheet glass which he then assembles to create his distinctive sculptures.To do this he uses special techniques which he has learnt and adapted from the glass engineering industry. Unlike traditional glassworkers he rarely uses high temperature fusion since this limits both control and scale of construction.

Instead he uses a variety of high quality glass engineering resins to bond and laminate the work, incorporating industrially toughened and stainless steel components where appropriate, so that he can work on almost any scale.Commissions make up a significant part of Peter Newsome’s work but he maintains that the projects that originate from “I know not where” are equally important.
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