Peter Layton


Peter Layton was born in Prague and brought up in England. Peter originally trained in ceramics at the Central School of Art and Design in London, but the discovery of hot glass was the beginning of a new love affair. He chanced upon glassblowing while teaching ceramics at the University of lowa and since returning to Britain has been continuously at the forefront in promoting this magical and versatile medium.

He was inspired by the immediacy of this enchanting and elusive medium, as much by the demanding process and magical and exquisite material. Each piece presents an adventure and in doing so, a challenge to control form and colour while yet allowing the fluidity of the glass to contribute its own qualities and characteristics.

Peter Layton is one of the world's most respected glassblowers, and has done more to promote glassmaking as an art form than anyone else in Europe. He has instructed several of this country's leading glassmakers, and influenced many more internationally. Now in his 80s, Peter remains extremely active and is regarded as the "grand old man of glass".

His beautifully shaped and richly coloured glass can be found in museums, galleries and exhibitions across the UK, Europe and America.

Primavera currently has around 60 pieces of work by Peter Layton.


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