Perry Lancaster

Perry Lancaster started his carving career in 1988, working in Cambridgeshire with John Fox, who had become well known for his wood carvings which were simple, elegant and exquisitely made.
After a few years of working in Ditchling, just outside Brighton, Perry now works from his home in the Dordogne region of France, continuing to carve designs very much in the style learnt during his time with John, creating fine forms with minimal detail thus showing the natural beauty of the wood.
Each piece is made individually and entirely by hand, from a piece of wood specifically chosen from a large selection of exotic and native hardwoods which need to be stored in ideal conditions to prevent degradation or damage before the carving even begins. The timber must be perfectly seasoned to ensure the stability during and after carving – if the wood has too much moisture it will be difficult to carve and may develop cracks once finished.
After a lot of hard work the finished piece is ready for waxing which adds a protective coat and really brings out the beautiful natural colour of the wood.
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