Per Hammarström

Per Hammarström is one of Sweden’s most highly regarded ceramicists. Per’s work doesn’t conform to the Swedish style of simplicity; instead he loves colour and texture, and exploring the multi-faceted function of ceramics. Per began his training at the Gustavsbergs Porcelain Studio in 1978, which is sadly no longer in existence. In 1984 he opened his own studio in Strängnäs, and has worked in this manner ever since.

Per’s work is characterised by organic forms and his own distinctive glazes, often in bright colours and strong contrasts. His work is unique, each piece starting out as a roughly thrown form, which is worked and transformed into bowls that are characterised by their delicacy and translucency. The organic form is embodied in the textured ceramics of Per. His works are either made from stoneware or porcelain.

The inspiration of much of his work is the sea, but he also draws from flora and fauna; and the changing of the seasons. The undulating colours of the sea, sky and land manifest themselves in his delicately crafted and vividly coloured ceramics. Through elaborate dining-ware and ceramic ornaments, Per’s work evokes the wonders of the world, both past, present, and imagined.

Per has exhibited throughout Sweden, including at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, in 2015; as well as at Ceramic’s Biennale in Cairo, Egypt 1996.


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