Paul Jackson

The unique character of Paul Jackson’s work derives from two interrelated processes. Each piece is first thrown on the wheel, then subtly altered in form – giving the pot an individual character and strength defined by a journey of discovery. The journey continues during decoration, where the pot’s elegance and sense of balance grow directly out of Paul’s concern for harmony between form, colour, and the painted surface.

Paul uses white earthenware to construct his energetic and sinuous forms. The clay allows for the dynamic shaping of the pieces which form the vessels which go on to be given diverse and colourful decoration.

Recently Paul has diversified in his working methods, using local stoneware and porcelain in a salt glaze kiln. This has given rise to the new porcelain series which celebrates the glaze effects in their own right. Be it with some references to the rock formation and coastline of North Cornwall.

The guiding force behind all of Paul’s work is energy: sinuous forms creating sensations of movement and life, and the possibilities for change which are always present in the wet clay but are only revealed once the exploration has begun.

Paul’s decorative technique was originally eclectic, drawing primarily on Italian and Russian influences. More recently Russian graphic styles and the work of the post- impressionist have played their part in evolving a series of distinctive original styles.

Paul Jackson qualified in Studio Ceramics in 1977 at Harrow School of Art. Following a short period teaching in London, he relocated to Cornwall, where he established his pottery in 1979. He moved to his present home at Helland Bridge, where he works in a studio converted from an old chapel, in 1989. He has exhibited regularly and widely in both the UK and the US, and his work can be found in many major galleries.

Primavera has a collection of around 10 pieces from Paul.

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