Nobuko Okumura

Nobuko Okumura graduated from Birmingham City University with a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2007. 






Since 2008 Nobuko has had a workshop in Birmingham’s vibrant Jewellery Quarter where she creates her collections. Her inspiration comes from geometric and natural forms, as well as from her childhood toys and the things she used to collect. Nobuko's pieces become mementos of the past, informed by the things she treasured. This process has been a rich source of ideas – one of her collections is made from tiny connected cubes, inspired by a snake toy she owned as a child.



'I believe each piece of jewellery ought to be unique, like every individual, and this is how I like the jewellery to make people feel. I think there are always reasons to wear jewellery and all reasons will be different. We all have our own story. Working with this material is my story and my customers relate to that.'


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