Natasha Heaslip

We have 16 pieces of Natasha's work available in the gallery.

'The approach I take when designing my work is influenced by my training in contemporary sculpture; conceptually and in the physical making of the objects. At the basis of my work is an exploration of how, when we don a piece, it affects us and the observer both emotionally and physically.'

Initially Natasha's sculptural studies were concerned with the physical interaction of sculptural forms with the body. She then looked at tribal body adornment for inspiration and was fascinated to discover the deeper meaning and symbolism contained within their pieces. From that she looked at the notion of jewellery as an extended form of body language. Over the years this has resulted in a refining of this idea and pushing the theory and practice in different directions. Presently, she is looking at the use of gemstones within my designs and the role that they play in the relationship between jewellery and the body. For example, the possible influence they can have, in terms of the healing properties each gem holds.

 Natasha's passion for gemology has inspired her to create innovative settings, in order to see the true beauty of each stone, which in turn has influenced a continuation of simplicity throughout her designs. 'One can often feel tempted to over embellish but the success of the piece lies in achieving balance. The flow of a line must be just right. If it is off by even a fraction the piece will lose its beauty and energy.'

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