Miranda Peckitt

Miranda started her career in publishing in London, predominantly in fiction and illustrated books. After several years in publishing, it no longer fulfilled Miranda’s creative side and she wanted to try something more hands on.

Meanwhile, Michael Peckitt, Miranda’s Dad had just finished a Degree in Fine Art, a Masters in Jewellery and had produced a successful business. Miranda became more and more intrigued in what her Dad got up to creating all these interesting, colourful works and as time went on she soon began learning and helping her Dad with the Jewellery business. 

Miranda took over the business from her late father Michael Peckitt in 2012. She continually creates new collections ensuring that no two pieces are ever the same.

Miranda creates jewellery from anodised aluminium with fittings of sterling silver. The aluminium is hand painted and formed to create eye catching, dazzling pieces of wearable, affordable art.

Striking and bold bangles of differing widths, pendants, earrings and rings are produced in an array of stunning colours to suit every occasion. The bright designs, painting and crafting ensures a stunning iridescent quality that lends itself to its distinctive style and lightweight appeal.

 The bangles are flexible and can be opened or tightened around the wrist to fit almost any size.

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