Maz Jackson

Maz Jackson has spent a lifetime drawing and painting in rural Norfolk. The landscape, history and its people enrich her imagery which can be interpreted in many ways and relate to many cultures across the globe.  Winner of national and international awards, her work  continues to be exhibited and collected by galleries, museums and private collections across the UK, Europe, Japan, China, USA and Mexico.                                                        Egg tempera has had less restoration than any other paint medium in history. Maz creates her work using fifteenth century methods recorded by Cennino de Andrea Cennini. Imagery is worked up in tempera comprised of mineral pigments, such as lapis lazuli, mixed with egg yolk and distilled water. The tempera is laid down on gessoed, linen wrapped oak panels between gilded shapes of 24 carat gold leaf. Much time passes between each process, many drawings of thoughts and ideas form stimuli for the paintings, some become series of prints, scrolls, artists books and sculptures.                                                                                                                          "Ideas are sourced from anything that excites: people, love, communication, touch, tension, laughter, flight, landscape, the spaces between and things sacred", says Maz.                                           "I have a deep interest in colour, line, mark-making and edge, which all come into play when working in paint, drawing and print. I wish my work to have a timeless quality which the on-looker can dip into and be instilled with ever-changing thoughts, questions and smiles." 

Primavera currently holds a collection of 3 of Maz's art works.

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