Matt Cummings

Matt creates a variety of extremely lifelike sculptures, using mixed media to create a unique effect. Matt adapts found objects to aid in his art making, such as piano strings and copper nails from ships. Primavera currently holds a range of Matt's work, including a life-size badger, several birds of prey and a lynx.

Matt prefers not to use soldering or welding, instead he constructs the pieces by tying hundreds of tiny knots using waxed cobblers' thread and fine wire. This gives a really fluid, clean look to his work, and avoids detracting from the immense talent and work which goes in to their construction. 

Matt draws influence both from the natural and the fantastical; from tigers to dragons, pandas to birds of prey. Often working outdoors, where he can study his subjects, Matt intends his pieces, for all their intricacy and detail, to be robust and long lasting, both in galleries and in gardens.

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