Martin Andrews

Each of Martin Andrews’ hot glass-blown pieces is made by hand and signed by the artist. Currently, Martin works from his workshop at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge. Martin’s work is highly recognisable and is synonymous with high quality and innovative approaches. Through his attention to detail, colour and surface treatments, Martin’s pieces represent a fresh and tactile approach to glassblowing.

Often, Martin’s pieces are inspired by natural forms, architecture, geometric patterns and notions of movement and power. Travelling internationally to sights of natural and architectural power has inspired some of his series. Movement and power are essential to the process of glassblowing since his work necessarily freezes in time the movement of molten glass.

Thus, the material qualities of glass are of great interest to Martin. He explores the qualities of glass, both clear and coloured, as he manipulates it up to temperatures of 1150 degrees centigrade. The relationship between light and form is a continual theme in his work.

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