Marianne Forrest

Time has always fascinated Marianne Forrest. Since time is inevitably recalled the form of a watch, it is an honour to the object to recall the time and dedication put into its making. Marianne carefully and honestly makes and designs pieces. Just as time may pass either quickly or slowly, Marianne's work is conducted at varied paces. Also working at London Metropolitan University, her research focuses on the juxtaposition of making methods by both hand (slow) and machine (fast).

Marianne's oeuvre reflects a similar dichotomous relationship regarding size: she has created timepieces both small and large. In addition to the wristwatches which we hold at Primavera, Marianne has also made sculptural urban clocks up to eleven metres high.

Primavera joins a selection of highly acclaimed museums exhibiting Marianne's work, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Museum of Scotland.