Malcolm Lane

Malcolm Lane decided upon a career change in the mid-nineties, he left the world of IT project consultancy and concentrated on his lifelong passion for the graphic arts.

Malcolm Lane PrintRecent advances in computer software and printing inks have enabled Malcolm to combine freedom of colour, form and textures. In his most recent work he builds up image layer upon layer, like watercolour washes, includes freehand elements and gradually develops his final interpretation of the subject.

Malcolm states, "Although frequently more time consuming than producing a watercolour I personally find the artistic freedom, flexibility and creative scope of the techniques and method of working I now use to be immensely satisfying."

He has held exhibitions in England and Wales and has work in private collections in America and Qatar.

All of Malcolm's images on sale at Primavera are originals; only one signed copy of each being produced. A signed authenticity card is also supplied with each image.

Primavera has around 10 pieces of Malcolm's work in it's collection.

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