Malcolm Betts

We have 40 pieces of Malcolm's work available in the gallery.
Having first been inspired to become a goldsmith at the age of 16, Malcolm Betts has pursued his craft ever since. Over eight years of study and training, he refined a distinctive style that has run through his professional work to this day where he works in his current studio in Camden Street, Kensington London. 
Using ethically sourced stones, both modern and vintage, Malcolm handcrafts each piece into a unique object of desire. He also includes unique signatures in his work, such as a hand-craft clasp set with a diamond. This sets Malcolm's work apart from all other jewellery. 
Today, Malcolm Betts’ bespoke pieces have become the discerning choice for those who seek jewellery of singular beauty. He has exhibited extensively in Britain and across the world, including Japan, where he has a loyal following. His work can also often be seen adorning models and actresses at public events, such is the draw of his exquisite work and beautiful stones. 
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