Lesley Strickland

Lesley is a British jeweller specialising in the use of cellulose acetate (derived from cotton oil) combined with sterling silver. This material can be manipulated into more fluid forms than other plastics. Lesley's passion for designing and making jewellery started in 1976 at The City Literary Institute, London, England. Since then she has continued to evolve and develop her personal style. Her inspiration comes from natural forms and sculptors of the 1950's. The final finish of each piece is important to her as she likes the wearer to have a very tactile relationship with her work.

Her work is sold in many galleries both in the UK and abroad.

For more than thirty five years Lesley has developed many new manufacturing techniques, either by modifying existing hand or industrial processes or by inventing them from first principles. To achieve her goals she has developed special methods of forming, polishing and matting the acetate. The two guiding principles that Lesley applies to all her work are to strive for elegant simplicity and empathy with the wearer. This has enabled her to develop continuously fashionable, wearable jewellery.

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