Layne Rowe

Layne Rowe is an extremely talented glassmaker. He specialises in blown work to which he brings a unique twist.

Swirly Rowe VaseHe found his passion for glass when studying 3D design at the University of Central Lancashire. Layne then graduated in 2002 with an M.A. in applied art at the Royal College of Art, London. After a period at London Glassblowing alongside Peter Layton, Layne left in 2001 to set up his own studio in Brazil, 'Crystalaria Guanabara'. On his return to the U.K. he established his own successful Layne Rowe Glass studio in Knebworth, Herts. Later he then returned to the London Glassblowing team.

The biggest inspiration for Layne Rowe is nature but also the glass itself; how it can change in colour, physicality and holds multiple qualities. Many of Layne's pieces are a synthesis of techniques intended for a harmonious resolution.

Layne Rowe has taken part in exhibitions in both U.K. and abroad, and received various awards. Layne has exhibited at the Cambridge Glass Fair many times over the years.

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