Lawson Rudge

Lawson Rudge was born in 1936, he is currently living in various parts of the UK including mid Devon, North Cornwall and South Wales.  His work is extremely popular and is fast becoming a collector’s item.

 From an academic and traditional training in painting Lawson began producing life paintings, figure compositions and landscape.  As Lawson progressed his style started to change and he started painting more expressive and surrealistic work as time went on.  It was at this point during the 60’s that Lawson began to take images from the paintings and transform them into three dimensional forms using various materials.

Lawson found  the ceramics process, at first, difficult to relate to, but now with development and use of the Raku firing technique he found  it was possible to obtain the desired flexibility and qualities.

The sculptures are variously inspired, some personal fantasy and others being taken from straight observation.

Lawson has exhibited in museums, universities and galleries, in the South west, Wales and the Midlands, with work in private galleries in Europe and America.

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