Latham and Neve

Anna Latham and Helen Neve have been kind enough to add some of their hand crafted work to our collection, which indeed makes a most welcome addition at the gallery.

Latham and Neve

Anna Latham (left) and Helen Neve (right)

Anna and Helen met over 20 years ago at Medway College of Art and Design as two of the brightest and most talented artists attending at the time. 

Their primary focus when it comes to designing their pieces is cool, modernist and elegantly fabulous with an exact finish. However, they balance this out with a "quiet stillness", combined with comfort and ease of use (they are easy to put on and take off). This is their design philosophy.

Since moving out of the East End in London at the beginning of the decade, they create their handmade and British hall-marked jewellery at their workshop in the Garden of England, where they create pieces made of silver and 18ct gold.

These two talented women are very happy to discuss bespoke pieces, so please do contact us here at the gallery and we will be happy to get the perfect piece made for you, however; we have many of their unique and singular pieces listed on Primavera Gallery's website, feel free to browse these pieces for yourself!