Karen Stamper

Artist Karen stamper was born in Yorkshire and attended Art College in Bradford. She then made the decision to head off to sunnier climates including; France, Greece, Turkey, India, New Zealand and Cuba.

Taking inspiration from her new surroundings, Karen’s mixed media pieces transport us through her adventurous travels and help us get a sense of what she experienced in each individual country. Karen uses a variety of collected materials for her mixed media collages such as; tissue paper, prints, stamps, packaging, envelopes, posters and labels, scraps of lettering, drawings, photographs and much more.  A beautiful unpredictable textural piece is created and we are instantly connected to a particular place or mood that catches a specific moment in time, each piece reveals a little snippet of culture and history of each country she has visited.

Karen’s work has been used for magazine illustrations and book covers. She taught art in Cambridge for the last 12 years but now Karen is a Partner in ACY Holidays, organising Art Cookery and yoga holidays in the south of France and sketchbook holidays here in Cambridge

Karen participates in Cambridge open studios every year.

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