Karen Faulkner-Dunkley

Karen Faulkner-Dunkley has loved jewellery all her life. As a young adult, Karen became very particular about the jewellery she would wear and travelled around the country to find the perfect pieces – yet rarely finding what she wanted. Karen’s troubles were, however, resolved when she took a local jewellery making class and proceeded to make her own pieces. When Karen moved to Cambridgeshire in 2002, she took up making and selling her jewellery full-time and properly established the KFD Jewellery range.

Karen’s jewellery is handcrafted in silver and gold. Her collections are largely inspired by nature, though each collection has a unique significance. For example, Primavera holds pieces from her Jenyus collection which is fully transformable and the necklace can be swiftly adjusted in length to suit different outfits or converted into bracelets and earrings.

Karen’s wish is that wearing her jewellery makes you feel unique, sophisticated and stylish.

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