Kamilla Ruberg

Since her graduation from The Royal College of Art in 2002, Danish born Kamilla Ruberg has established her home and her business in London. Working from her studio and shop in Islington, she has brought her contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic to Camden Passage.

kamilla ruberg ringKamilla’s work reflects an ongoing fascination with geometry. Themes such as movement, balance, and asymmetry combined with how they work in interaction with the body are concepts she often uses in her work.   Interpreted with her strong sense of personal style, these are skillfully transformed into elegant and unusual pieces of jewellery.

She has received accolades for her designs both in the UK and in Denmark where she received the prestigious Sct. Loye Award and the Danish Arts Foundation grants, as well as the Crafts Council setting up grant and the World Gold Council Grima Award. Apart from being avidly collected by private individuals, her work is also represented in public collections in the UK and Denmark.

For Kamilla, her jewellery is only complete when it is worn.   Although each piece is born of her imagination, adeptly brought to life in precious materials; it takes on its most powerful meaning and identity when it is united with the wearer.  She believes, "jewellery is imbued with the most poignant symbolism in our lives and is the most perfect marriage of inspired design, creativity and personal significance for the individual."

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