Kai Klosowski

We have 32 pieces of Kai's work available in the gallery.

Kai Klosowski is a fine jewellery maker from Germany, whose work sells across the world. He uses the unusual technique of stamping, rather than gold plating or gold leafing, his oxidised material, which gives a very different finish to the materials. 

His work consists of clear geometric shapes, stamped with gold, strung simply together in a playful and interesting way. The individuality of these pieces draws attention to the wearer, in an elegant manner. His clasps are often well hidden in the design, giving a clean look to the pieces. 

Kai is now, more frequently, including precious and semi-precious stones in his work, although still maintaining the striking black and gold aesthetic which makes his work stand out. These now add a splash of colour and a different texture to the work. 

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