Jolene Smith

Jolene Smith is a British designer maker of handmade jewellery.
Jolene has been designing and making jewellery since 1984, her work is inspired by ancient worlds that collide with modern times giving a twist to my collections. Jolene works mainly in silver incorporating base metals and semi-precious stones to give a hint of colour. Jolene like texture and simplicity, and often uses etching, melting and hammering to create a distressed effect on the surface of materials which gives her work that handmade feel. Jolene has always loved making jewellery and after leaving The School Of Jewellery in Birmingham, where she did her Diamond Mounting course, she was determined to make pieces that would be worn, and not put in a box because the owner felt they were too valuable. Jolene aims to have her large bold pieces to be regarded as precious by their owners, whatever material they are made from.
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