John Todd

Buying a John Todd watch directly supports local independent businesses. The hand leatherwork and design is done at the Johny Todd workshop in Stafford whilst the more precise and mechanic elements of watchmaking are outsourced to a local engineering company. The company are particular about where they source their materials and they hold good contacts with the Warsaw leather industry. With an ethos attentive to the handmade process and sourcing premium materials, John’s watches are always quality pieces.

John’s special interest in leather began whilst he was doing a Masters in silversmithing, when he applied the press-forming principles he learned to leather. John started making watches in an effort to fix an old broken watch that he owned. John affixed the face of this old watch to a handmade wooden box with a leather strap. He then received so many compliments on his design and handiwork, that he pursued it as a business.

John’s designs favour a notion of modern simplicity that simultaneously draws on traditional and unusual ideas. Often, John uses established materials and methods in unconventional ways. The result is a newer, fresher take on traditional leather craftsmanship.

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