Jessica Briggs

We have 25 pieces of Jessica's work available in the gallery.

Jessica makes silver and gold layered jewellery currently from her studio in Sheffield.

Jessica originally studied Printed and Woven Textile Design at Manchester. Later, her love of drawing, texture, pattern and colour was matched by her discovery of metal.  She has combined these passions in jewellery-making for the last 16 years, finding infinite expression in the exploration, experimentation and refinement of her inspirations and techniques. When studying for her MA at Sheffield, she learnt an ancient Korean technique (called Kuem-boo) for fusing gold to silver.  This opened up a whole new methodology.  Making the technique her own and using it in conjunction with increasingly sophisticated texturing of sheet silver, Jessica established an individual and identifiable way of working.

Design ideas evolve and develop, but periodically flowers or floral patterns re-surface, re-interpreted in a more contemporary style. All designs, no matter the origin of the inspiration, are always translated into elegant pieces with subtle textures or are more complex with layered finishes. There is always an inherent simplicity of both form and function.

Each item is handcrafted by Jessica in her workshop and thus the characteristics of all aspects of the work are under constant review. The result is an ever-changing range of very wearable jewellery including cuffs, rings, earrings, neckpieces, brooches, and men's jewellery.

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