Jenifer Wall


Jenifer Wall creates her jewellery by hand from her studio in Hove, East Sussex. She works predominantly with silver and gold though also occasionally incorporates base metals. Jenifer favours the use of oxidised silver as a base since it creates a contrast of colour and texture once she then applies white and yellow gold leaf. This allows for her frequent use of bold, clean lines. In addition to her jewellery work, Jenifer also makes small dishes from precious metals.

Her work is inspired by the natural world, predominantly seeds, seedpods, rocks and stones. Much of this inspiration originates from the coast; Jenifer completed her BA(Hons) in Three Dimensional Crafts at the University of Brighton. She is attentive to things such as: the nuances of pebbles and stones present at different beaches; the deterioration of rows of worn-down breakwaters and their transformation as they become encrusted with tiny stones; the layers of strata in crumbling cliffs; and lines of quartz running through dark stones.

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