Jane Adam

We have 34 more pieces of Jane's work available in the gallery. 

Jane Adam has established herself as an international jewellery designer and maker with 30 years of success. Her work is in more than 20 public collections across the globe from the UK and America to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

JANE ADAM BANGLEJane creates unique items of wearable art in anodised aluminium, silver and gold. Her process encourages forms to grow organically through distortion and stretching. The finished piece is a result of experimentation with the qualities of the material itself, texture and form created by the behaviour of a metal when undergoing various processes.

Jane is passionate about the way a piece of jewellery feels when worn, and the sensual relationship between a piece and its wearer. She feels that the pieces come alive when they are put on and they  become a part of the owner's expression of self. Without a wearer, the potential of a piece is left unfulfilled. 

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