Jackie Lucas

Jackie Lucas was born in Lincoln, moving to Cambridge in 1986 to pursue a career in Nursing and Midwifery. 

She has always enjoyed travelling, around Europe, America, Australia and South East Asia. Fascinated by the different cultures and communities she has encountered and the diversity and richness of their arts and crafts.

Having always had an interest in Art and Design and with a keen eye for detail, Jackie studied Photography and commenced her Design degree with The Open University in 2012. This coincided with the beginnings of Jackie’s creative journey in designing and crafting jewellery.

She began studying jewellery at local evening classes and progressed to St. Albans School of Jewellery to Morley College and The Goldsmiths Center, London.

Jackie left the NHS in 2015 to develop her interests in designing and crafting jewellery and set up a studio in Cambridge in 2016.

Jackie is a member of The Cambridge Open Studio network opening her studio/ workshop for visitors during weekends in July and on other occasions throughout the year.

 Since 2008, Jackie has travelled regularly to Sweden where she now owns a country cottage amongst the forests and lakes of central Sweden and is inspired by Scandinavian design, natural and organic forms.

Jackie’s work uses silver, gold, enamel and gemstones adding texture and colour to bring life into individual pieces.

The forests and lakes of Värmland and Dalarna  feature in her work as well as Scandinavian found artifacts and treasures such as those that can be seen at the Historiska Museum of Stockholm.

Jackie uses a variety of techniques producing a beautiful variety/range of contemporary jewellery with organic and sculptural interest. Forging, hammering, etching and fold forming are some of the techniques used to create these wearable, unique and elegant pieces.

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