Jack Welbourne

Jack Welbourne is a Cardiff based potter making hand thrown tableware.

After studying at Plymouth College of Art, Cardiff Metropolitan University and working with Joel Stuart-Beck in Gothenburg, Sweden and Jeremy Steward at Wobage workshop, he spent one year as a production thrower in the Rhondda valley.

He set up his first pottery in a coach house at the bottom of his rented houses’ garden. He was there making his wares for a year before moving to Fox Lane and starting One Wall Studio.

He is informed by traditional techniques and values, in particular eastern ideas brought to the UK by Bernard Leach. He is also looking to add a contemporary feel to his work though mark-making, form and application of glazes. He also works with locally sourced materials including clays and wood ash that he collects from the urban landscape.

Hand made objects have the potential to capture an energy, freshness and elemental tangibility that have been eroded in our society for years. He believes that our home can be a living work of art if we want it to be. With handmade pottery not only fulfilling a functional role but enriching and exciting with every use.