Holly Belsher

holly belsher earrings

Having originally been inspired by ancient artefacts, Holly Belsher now works in silver and gold, taking inspiration from the forms and patterns of the British countryside around her, which she sees as her own heritage. Twigs, leaves and seeds accompany more abstract forms to produce a style of jewellery that is delicate and unique, and transforms the natural into literal precious objects.

We have 33 pieces of Holly's work available in the gallery.

Her home in Devon provides ample inspiration for her work, from the wintry, bare twigs of the trees to the spring and summer, where the old hedgerows are clipped. Small animals live in the banks created, and foxgloves adorn the roadside. Holly is able to take these images and turn them into wonderful earrings, bangles and brooches. 

As well as semi-precious stones such as luscious pink and green tourmalines, Holly recognises the "preciousness" and beauty of simple beach pebbles, which are also used to adorn her designs. She chooses and creates unnatural and unusual shapes with these stones, precious and simple alike. Her necklaces are unique to each wearer, and the beads and stones are shaped to look organic, to mirror her influence. 

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