Helen Harrison

Helen studied Art and Design at Loughborough College of Art, specialising in ceramics and gaining a B.A. Honours. She then culminated her studies by attaining a place at the Royal College of Art and graduating with a Degree of Master of Arts. In 1996 Helen formed Kilnworks, a ceramic workshop designing and making functional tableware, widely exhibiting throughout the UK. Helen is currently residing in Devon and is a selected member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

“I enjoy making functional tableware and find it fascinating to observe how our cultural references, with whom we are socialising and the circumstances of the event each effect the tableware choices we make. I like to make pieces that are part of this experience and may spark a comment or conversation.

Inspiration for the shapes come from many places including modern Architecture, also living by the sea has given me a passion for the coastline, the elegance of sailing boats the tension of the sail as they glide through the water and the shape and geology of the coastline are all influential aspects of my vessels design. The way an object looks and feels to hold and to use are important considerations for me, when making a functional object, ultimately the aim is to make tableware that will be both enjoyable to look at and fun to use.”

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