Guy Royle

We have 40 pieces of Guy's work available in the gallery.

Guy Royle was born in 1954 in Devon, and apart from his years at Morley College of Art, he has no formal training. However, his 25 years as the assistant of Breon O'Casey, starting in 1987, proved invaluable in developing his skills and techniques. Guy now lives and works in Cornwall as a jeweller but he also works in the fields of painting and weaving.
Guy is renowned for his big bold contemporary jewellery, using beaten and etched silver and 18ct yellow gold set with semi precious stones. His work is exquisitely crafted, and carries echoes of adornments made by primitive man. He prefers to use the tones and shades of raw materials, as well as using natural pebbles as beads. 
His jewellery inhabits a space between the definitions of art and craft, claiming influence from both. Brooches are paintings in metal; necklaces are sculptures for the human form. The combination of elements he focuses on brings a timeless and natural quality to his work. What is more, Guy’s jewellery is graceful for its functionality; whatever beauty stems from his work, has derived, and is inseparable from its intent to be worn.
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